Turbo Named “The Official Grip of Ebonite Demo Days”

Announced during Bowl Expo, Turbo reaches agreement with Ebonite International to become “The Official Grip of Demo Days”.

Demo Day events give bowlers an opportunity to try the latest product from Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer and Track before making a purchase. Demo Day balls will feature Turbo Switch Grip products, the #1 Interchangeable Insert Worldwide.

“Any time you have two industry leaders come to an agreement of this magnitude, it’s a win for the bowlers,” David Wodka, Global Marketing Manager for Ebonite International, said.

“Creating a defined partnership with the brands of Ebonite International was an easy decision,” said Lori Mraz, President of Turbo. “The EBI demo program allows us to showcase our line of insert products, including the tremendously popular Switch Grip.”

Wodka said bowlers who may not be familiar with the Turbo Switch Grip will benefit from being able to test-drive it while trying EBI’s latest product.

“The EBI team puts a lot of effort into their demo program and we’re delighted to help support,” said Mraz. “These events continue to be a great opportunity for consumers try new bowling balls before they actually buy.”

As part of the agreement, Turbo will have a display of finger and thumb insert products at all EBI Demo Days, including the one held in conjunction with Junior Gold, as well as other sponsored events by local retailers. For a schedule of events go to, http://www.ebibowling.com/demo-days