Product Catalog, Logo’s & Images

Retailers can access all of our current product images and logos through Turbo’s 2018-Turbo-Media Dropbox Folder. Retailers can use these images to enhance a website or social media site along with creating any featured in-store promotions. We also offer a variety of banners and product posters to help retailers promote Turbo brand products within their retail space. Most of our banners measure 24″ x 18″ and are made from quality vinyl material ideal for indoor use All banners include grommets at corner so they can be easily affixed to walls, windows, doors or ceilings.

  • Xtreme Dealers get their choice of 1 FREE banner per enrollment period.
  • Switch Grip™ banner is included in Switch Grip™ Starter Kits.
  • Additional 24” x 18” banners can be purchased for $19.95 ea.
  • Larger in-center banners available upon request and typically offered for special events

To get the most out of Dropbox we recommend that you first download and install the Dropbox Desktop Application.


What Is Drop Box?
Dropbox is home for Turbo’s Media files. Dropbox also makes it super easy to share with others.

How To Access Turbo’s Media Dropbox
Upon your REQUEST we will send you an invitation to access the Turbo Media folder in our Dropbox. Once you accept the invitation you can either download the files directly to your computer OR you can save them to YOUR dropbox. It’s that simple! After accepting the Invite you can also access the 2016-Turbo-Media Dropbox Folder via the link below. You can ONLY access it via the link below AFTER you have accepted the Invite that we send you.


2018-Turbo-Media Dropbox Folder