Oval Maker II

Economical alternative to Tri-Oval ideal for small to mid-size retailers.


  • Oval Maker II Mill-Drill System
  • Set of 40 Bits
  • Aluminum Bit Carousel
  • Jayhawk Professional Measuring Ball
  • Jayhawk Pro Model Ball Spinner
  • Jayhawk High Speed Sander
  • Precision Compass
  • Spyder Layout Tool
  • Jayhawk Tri-Roller
  • Brunswick Factory Finish (1 Quart)
  • Brunswick Rough Buff (1 Quart)
  • Bevel Knives (2)
  • Classic Pitch Gauge Set
  • Jayhawk Span Gauge
  • Turbo Pro Sect
  • DBA Ultima Ball Plug Kit (2 Gallon Kit)
  • DBA Ball Plug Color Kit
  • DBA Ball Plug Pumps
  • PTS Thumb Plug Dams
  • PTS Finger Plug Dams
  • Yellow Grease Pencils (12)
  • Jayhawk Drill Pads (2)
  • Vantage Ball Cups (12)


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