Bowling: Energy In Motion by Josh Blanchard and Dr. Crews Ketterling


This new book includes 13 Chapters starting with introduction of how the book was created to believing in yourself on the lanes. Throughout the book there is real scientific research on bowlers brains while competing.  Charts of the brain maps are used to help convey the subject matter of the book to the reader.  Each chapter will hit home to different players and personality types. Through the book, a player will find a few chapters that really sink in and say, ’That is me”.

“When you ask someone what part of bowling is mental and what part is physical, almost always you hear it is upwards of 80% mental. Yet when you ask someone how many hours have they practiced or worked on their mental game, they will say none. So how can you play at your highest level unless you practice the part of your game that is over 80%?” – Josh Blanchard

“Josh Blanchard and Dr. Crews Ketterling have created something truly rare in the field of applied sports psychology. They have integrated brain science research, and cutting-edge sport and exercise technology. And they have sprinkled in real world examples that are part of the path for anyone who is on a champion’s journey. Perhaps best of all, Blanchard and Crews Ketterling have created a primer that will give anyone who is serious about their bowling practical tools for significantly upping their game. This is a fresh look at how we can get better at bowling, as well as most any other activity we want to improve!” –  Dean R. Hinitz, Ph.D., Author, Bowling Psychology


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