TurboTECH Collegiate Expo Gives College Bound Bowlers a Leg Up

There is nothing more rewarding than giving young bowlers the opportunity to change their lives through education; and that is exactly what the TurboTECH Collegiate Expo has been doing since its inaugural event in 2010.

When the 2014 Expo rolls July 9-11 at Clover Lanes in Rochester, New York, young bowlers aspiring to be college students and top team players will once again have the chance to meet many of the best college coaches, pro player/coaches who excelled in college, and get a taste of what could be their future team members and competitors when they make it to a college team.

Aside from the challenges associated with the sport, students will learn about what is most important – educational and academic opportunities. Many will be offered scholarships, both academic and athletic.

“Bridging Academics Through Sport is our event motto,” said Turbo President Lori Mraz “It’s very rewarding to hear from students, families and collegiate coaches, and to know our program is working and providing young athletes the opportunity to continue their education through bowling.”

One student athlete who hit the jackpot during the 2013 TurboTECH Collegiate Expo is Jackie Evans. Jackie and her mom Sharon attended last year’s Expo with high hopes, and their dreams are now coming true.

Last year, after visiting with most of the top colleges at Expo, Jackie and her mom Sharon Evans decided to stop at one last table – Michigan’s Lawrence Tech. It turned out to be a very wise decision.

The Evans family was very impressed with both the academic and bowling opportunities at Lawrence, but the LTU coaches were even more impressed with Jackie. She is a top honor roll student and president of her senior class this year at Minuteman High School in Lexington, Massachusetts. She wants to major in Biomedical Engineering in college.

Her bowling stats are also impressive. She was the Massachusetts Youth Bowler of the Year, won the state singles in back-to-back years, and carries a 215 league average.

In January, Evans was accepted at Lawrence with both an academic scholarship and a $10,000 bowling scholarship. Lawrence Assistant Coach Arsen Mikaelian scouted Evans in both the Teen Masters tournament and at the 2013 TurboTech Expo. “We noticed that she had very good fundamentals, and that she had bowled well on many different patterns” said Coach Mikaelian. “We also had a curriculum that fit with her desire to major in Engineering. We are very happy to see her choose Lawrence.”

“I was extremely excited that I was offered a scholarship,” said Evans. “I feel really honored. I believe the Expo made finding the right college a lot easier. Engineering and bowling you don’t really find too often as a pair; and since Lawrence is a small private school, I wouldn’t have found them if Turbo didn’t have them there. It is just the best thing that could have happened.”

Indeed, the best thing for Lawrence Tech, for Jackie Evans, and another wonderful success story for the TurboTECH Collegiate Expo. It was created to bring student bowlers and colleges together. Obviously, it is working as intended.

The 2014 TurboTECH Collegiate Expo will roll July 9 -11 at Clover Lanes in Rochester New York. Sponsors this year include Brunswick, DV8, Storm, Roto Grip, Ebonite, Columbia 300, Track, Hammer, Motiv, Kegel, 900 Global, Innovative Bowling products, On the Ball Bowling.com, Dexter, Boom Apparel, Turbo, and several United States Bowling Congress groups including the Rochester and Rochester Youth USBC, Detroit USBC, New York State USBC and the USBC Coaching Program. For complete details and registration information click on the Collegiate Expo link above.