UBA – Underground Bowling Association



The Underground Bowling Association was developed and born out of the idea that bowling is not just a spectators sport. The UBA is a non-profit semi-professional bowling association geared towards (but not limited to) the urban and or the new generation of bowlers with unorthodox, unique and/or original styles of bowling. According to the vision of the UBA, its members encourage, promote and excite more interest in competitive bowling while having fun.

Bowling has never been very entertaining as far as excitement and crowd participation goes. Often when professional bowlers compete they request for the crowd to watch in silence as they focus on their shots. The UBA believes this to be the reason bowling has not grown or generated the revenue like other sports such as basketball, football or baseball. You can go to a high school basketball game, feel the energy in the gym, and then feel something similar at a professional basketball arena—just on a larger scale. This is a true UBA event. During a UBA event, you can watch bowlers compete and feel the excitement in the air. This is what the UBA aims to harness. Not what you see on TV, but a new flavor of excitement and participation! The UBA currently represents thousands of bowlers that focus on displaying their uniqueness within the association as well as entertaining spectators on the lanes.


The UBA started in the Northeast, primarily New York and New Jersey and has quickly expanded down the east coast as far south at Miami. Turbo believes in the passion of the UBA, the team comradery, the individual desire to be set apart from the rest; and is working with the UBA to spread their vision to a new Detroit District. Our Team is the Turbo Motor City Drive. We encourage bowlers to get together, form a team, pick a team manager and captain and gear up for some fun & exciting head to head team competition—right in our backyard, Metro Detroit.


Meet the Players

Franchise Owner
Dave Bernhardt Sr. – AKA Whopper

Team Treasurer
Dave Bernhardt Jr. – AKA Jr. Whopper

Team Manager
Lori Mraz – AKA Bossy

Assistant Manager
Chris Sand – AKA Princess