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NEW Red or Blue Driven to Bowl Logo Tape (5)

  • Cotton fitting tape - comparable to Purple (5) fitting tape
  • Logo tapes are available in Pre-Cut and Bulk Roll

NEW Blue:Roll #PS-TSDRIVEB, 30 pc #PS-TSDRIVEB30, 50 pc #PS-TSDRIVEB50
NEW Red: Roll #PS-TSDRIVER, 30 pc #PS-TSDRIVER30, 50 pc #PS-TS-DRIVENR50

Patch Tape (1)
Patch Tape is polyester cloth tape with a silky smooth texture that will help reduce friction upon release. To get out of tight thumb hole or prevent blister or callous, use Patch Tape to replace messy slide powders or liquid skin products. Patch Tape is ultra thin. You'll hardly know you're wearing it. It doesn't smell, sting or burn like skin and release products and can be easily removed without residue.

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P2 Quick Release Patch Tape (2)
The perfect compliment to our line of Skin Protection and Fitting (SPF) Tapes. Made from a smooth polyester fabric, this vibrant blue SPF tape is thinner than our popular cotton fitting tapes and has plenty of stretch. It is recommended as a release agent or replacement for messy powder. Available in 1” rolls or 30 pc Pre-Cut Packages.

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Fitting Tape
Fitting Tape is a cloth tape specifically designed to modify release, ease grip tension and/or adjust hole size without making major changes to ball drilling. If you suffer from increased swelling while you bowl, Fitting Tape could be an ideal solution. No more fidgeting with taking pieces of tape in and out of your ball. Simply apply the tape to your fingers or thumb prior to bowling and remove as you swell. Each roll is 1" wide, approximately 14' in length and will yield 40-50 applications depending on use.

Smooth (4)
F225 Fitting Tape Beige; smooth texture, tight weave. The 200 series is our most popular and most common style of Fitting Tape.

Semi-smooth (5)
F125 Fitting Tape Purple; Semi-smooth texture. The 100 series has a loose weave, slower release, medium thickness.

Course (6)
F325 Fitting Tape Mint, Course texture. The 300 series is the thickest and most coarse of our three Fitting Tapes. If you use multiple pieces of bowling tape, the F325 style will be best suitable replacement for traditional bowling tape.

Driven to Bowl Fitting Tape
Put some Drive in your Game with our Signature Driven to Bowl skin protection and fitting tape (SPF). Our Driven to Bowl design offers the same great benefits as our other popular cotton fitting tapes. The texture is equivalent to our F125 (Purple) Fitting Tape.

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Natural Grip Tape (9)
Made of a tacky-vinyl material, our NEW Natural Grip Tape can help enhance grip, adding lift and revolution during release. Its stretchy material makes it easy to apply to fingers or palm but is not recommended for thumb application. Many bowlers choose Natural Grip Tape in place of traditional finger inserts or simply wrap knuckle crease to prevent injury. Available by the roll (3” width) or in convenient pre-cut 30 piece packages.  Boxes contain 6, 3” rolls.

Item #PS-N1 (rolls)
Item #PS-N130 (pre-cut)


Pre-Cut Tape Storage Case

  • Variety of case colors available.
  • Item #PS-C1

    Does not include tape
tape box multi

Counter "Driven" Tape Dispenser

  • Ideal way to sample a variety of tape textures.
  • Dispenser includes 50 sheets of each; F125, F225, F325, TSDRIVE and NEW P2; total of 250 sheets or
    500 pcs.

    Re-fillable bulk tape rolls for dispenser: PS-F22550 (Beige), PS-F12550 (Purple), PS-F32550 (Mint),
    PS-TSTURBO50, PS-P250 (Blue Patch Tape)

    Dimensions: 14 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 8 1/2"
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No Sweat…Get a Grip ™
Odor free hand drying spray comes in a 3oz. bottle. For bowlers who perspire, use No Sweat…Get a Grip with our Turbo Skin Protection Tapes to ensure better application. 
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Power Supplies Scissors
Because of the various textures and adhesive backing of our protection and fitting tapes, you need a reliable pair of scissors to cut smoothly and precisely. We guarantee you won't find a better pair. Stainless steel construction; 5 1/2" blade.

Handy Blade
Our convenient little all purpose utility knife can be used to remove and insert bowling tape or finger inserts. We also offer the Handy Blade on a refillable POP strip.