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Get the same great feel in every ball you own with Switch Grip™ Interchangeable Inserts.

This revolutionary two-piece insert assembly allows bowlers to remove and interchange thumb inserts from one ball to another to achieve the same fit and feel in every shot. No more installing and removing tape. With just a simple "Twist & Click", bowlers can make a ball change using the same thumb, or better yet change thumb size due to shrinking or swelling! Bowl with confidence. Switch Grip™ will help you repeat shots no matter what ball you use. Switch Grip™ can also be used with custom thumb molds. Switch Grip™ is the most reliable and versatile interchangeable insert on the market.

Who's Using Switch Grip™? Switch Grip™ is USBC and PBA Approved. It is used by many of the top PBA professionals today, including many PBA Tour Champions like Mika Koivuniemi, Bill O’Neill and Amleto Monacelli. Through continued improvement, Switch Grip™ remains the leading interchangeable thumb insert on the market and is sold worldwide. Leading ball manufacturers, like Brunswick, Storm, Roto Grip, and MoRich trust only Switch Grip™ for their ball test and sampling programs.

"I have been using the Turbo Switch Grip for about a year and a half. Love it. I am maintaining a 195 average and have bowled a 300 and a 299 game so far. This is with two different balls and the same thumb. Fantastic Product!"
- Jim Nicklaus, J & T’s Bowling Shop

“I know without a doubt, I would have not scored as well in Reno if I didn't have the Switch Grip. The pattern kept changing so fast I had to go from ball to ball and having the same feel in every ball it made it very easy to change balls.”
- Andy P. Tyler, TX

Read More Customer Testimonials about Switch Grip™

Switch Grip™ Thumb Insert
Product Features:

  • Easy to install 2 piece assembly – Outer and Inner Sleeve
  • 3 Inner Sleeves available: 1 ¼” Urethane Solid, 1 3/8” Urethane Solid, and Blank inner that can be used for custom thumb molds
  • Pre Size Inner Thumb Sleeve also available with white round Xcel thumb insert (18 sizes available)

Installation, Wear and Quality Guarantee
In addition to the improvements we have made to this product, the overall strength and durability ultimately depends on proper installation. Pro shops please be sure to follow the instructions outlined in our instructional video and brochure for best results. Turbo guarantees our products free from manufacturing defects in material workmanship. This guarantee, however, does not cover problems caused by improper use or installation, improper storage, accidental breakage or normal wear. For additional assistance with installation, please consult with a Technical Support Representative.

1 3/8" Switch Grip™ Inner Sleeve
The 1 3/8" Inner Sleeve should be used for larger thumb and fitting layouts. The 1 3/8" Inner Sleeve also allows for greater angles of thumb pitch or degrees of pitch change. The 1 3/8” Inner Sleeve can be used with all new and existing models of Outer Sleeve component

Switch Grip™ for Fingers!
If you frequently suffer from fit or release problems related to finger swelling, then Switch Grip™ Interchangeable Finger Assemblies are for you. Our Switch Grip Finger Assemblies use the same technology and locking mechanism as our popular Thumb Assemblies and consist of a removable Inner Sleeve that fits into a permanent Outer Sleeve installed into each finger hole. Switch Grip™ Finger Assemblies make it a snap to change insert sizes.

Switch Grip™ Finger Insert
Product Features:

  • Simple 2-piece construction
  • Inner Sleeve accommodates standard finger insert 31/32 o.d.;
    NOT available for 7/8" or larger 1 1/32 o.d. finger inserts.
  • Adjust finger size quickly & easily

Switch Grip™ Finger Assembly Starter Kit
Pro shops using Switch Grip for Try Before You Buy use or everyday ball rentals can now complete their insert set with NEW Switch Grip Finger Assemblies

Our Switch Grip™ Finger Assembly Starter Kit Includes:

  • SS 11/8” drill bit with auto stopper
    (available only for straight shank at this time)
  • Storage Case
  • 10 outer finger assemblies
    (5 Ball set up)
  • 24 inner finger assemblies
  • 24 Perfect Oval finger inserts
    (2 ea. 19, 5, 21, 13) and
    (4 ea. 11, 23, 3, 25)
  • Zip 45 adhesive
  • Slo Zip adhesive
  • 1 Switch A Roo2 locking tool
  • Supply of ball display hot buttons

Switch Grip™ Standard Starter Kit

  • 1½ drill bit; straight shank with auto
    depth stopper (Taper and Gilmac bits
    also available)
  • 30 outer sleeves
  • 10 inner sleeves with urethane solid,
    (blank inner sleeves also available)
  • Slo Zip adhesive
  • NEW Twist and Lock Pad
  • Switch A Roo universal locking tool
  • NEW Switch Grip™ Storage Case
  • Switch GripTM messenger wall graphic

Try Before You Buy
Are you looking to purchase a new ball and can’t decide which is right for you? With over a 100 new bowling balls introduced each year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Information on new equipment can come from a variety of different sources, the internet, bowling publications, friends or a pro shop professional. But how do you really know what is best?
Seeing is believing! For the first time ever, bowlers can visit a local pro shop and try equipment before they actually buy. You can see how it performs on wood or a synthetic lane surface; see how it performs with your ball speed and your style of delivery. Bowlers can sample and compare multiple bowling balls during a trial session and determine which will suit their desired need or fit into their current arsenal of equipment. Try Before You Buy is not just for the seasoned league or tournament bowler but ideal for first time buyers too. New bowlers can now see and compare the difference between entry, mid-price and high performance bowling balls. They will also get a feel for finger tip or relaxed tip inserts and interchangeable thumb inserts.
Switch Grip™ is leading the way. When you visit your local pro shop, you will see a colorful fitting station that includes many different Inner Sleeves (shown) on the pro shop counter. There will also be one or several featured balls on the display that have an Outer Sleeve assembly installed. These balls have been pre-drilled to specific measurements allowing the vast majority of bowlers to use. It won’t be custom fit but close, or what we like to call ‘semi-custom fit’ so that you can sample. Once you’re ready simply let your pro shop professional know you are interested in purchasing a new ball or want to get your hands on the ‘latest and greatest’ ball technology, and he will quickly and simply fit you for a set of finger inserts and proper Inner Sleeve assembly. Finger inserts will be tacked into place and Switch Grip Inner Sleeve inserted into Outer assembly already installed. You’re off and running!

Due to loose debris, changes in climate, and other uncontrollable factors, interchangeable inserts can sometimes be difficult to remove. The Switch-A-Roo can help. Simply insert the cone shaped rubber end of the Switch-A-Roo into the insert hole, twist and remove insert.

For small thumb holes and finger assemblies. Place photo next to Original Switch A Roo. Each photo should have designation. Original Switch A Roo, New Switch A Roo2

Switch Grip™ Storage Case

  • Prevent breakage
  • Store up to 5 additional Switch Grip™ Inner Sleeves in this convenient storage case
  • Approx. size: 8” L x 4.5” H x 2” D


Switch Grip™ Twist and Lock Pad

  • Get a better grip on locking Inner Sleeve into
    Outer Sleeve. Our new Twist and Lock pad
    will help ensure the Inner Sleeve is locked
    into place prior to drilling. Also included in
    Switch GripTM Starter Kit.