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A comfortable and properly fitted grip is essential to a good release. In addition to adding to your enjoyment of the game and preventing sport injury, a properly fit grip can add revolutions, create more ball speed and make the ball feel lighter. Adding finger and/or thumb inserts to your equipment will also give you consistent feel when using a variety of different bowling balls. Turbo™ insert products and accessories offers the greatest selection of styles, textures, sizes and colors to ensure you get the fit and feel that's right for you.

QUAD 4-N-1™ Inserts
••• Our multifunctional inserts are offered in several different style combinations.
••• Patented glue groove outside.
••• Easy to read size indicators on the inside and outside of all multifunctional inserts.
••• Durometer hardness: 40 Shore A

Quad™ (Q)
Side 1: Milled Oval with Smooth
or Mesh Surface
Side 2: Power Lift 1/8”
Available in 19 sizes & 7 colors
See Finger Insert Colors & Sizes for details.

Ms. Quad™ (MQ)
Side 1: Milled Oval with Smooth
or Mesh Surface
Side 2: Power Lift 1/8”
Available in 15 sizes & 5 colors including Hot Pink.

Power Oval (Sof-T)
The Power Oval (Sof-T) has 1/8" forward pitch for more subtle increase in loft. The finger pad has a contoured shape and smooth surface. Ideal for beginner bowlers.

Perfect Oval Mesh
The Perfect Oval Mesh is just like our popular Perfect Oval in design and shape but includes a tackier, mesh surface on one side. In addition to offering a more textured feel, the mesh surface is also a great wear indicator. Once the mesh texture wears from the surface, you know it's time to replace your inserts.

Quad2™ (Q2)
Side 1: Power Nubs
Side 2: Semi-Tip, Relaxed Finger Tip
Available in 11 sizes & 4 colors.
See Finger Insert Colors & Sizes for details.

Semi Finger Tip, or "Bump" Grip
The Semi finger tip insert has a smooth, rounded bump close to the front edge of the insert. When properly fit, the bump rests between the first knuckle of the finger. It is designed for a more relaxed grip and ideal for bowlers who suffer from arthritis or have weak grip pressure.

Power Nub
The finger pad of the Power Nub is lined with rows of small, raised bumps. The Power Nub has a very sharp feel and is not for the faint of grip! This style is recommend for a strong grip.


Side 1: Milled Oval with
Smooth Surface only
Side 2: Power Lift 1/4”
Available in 19 sizes & 7 colors.
See Finger Insert Colors & Sizes for details.

Perfect Oval
The Perfect Oval is designed as a true, milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit.

Power Regular
The Power Regular has 1/4" forward pitch increasing the loft and length of release through the target. The finger pad has a flat edge and smooth surface for a sharp, clean feel.

Turbo™ was the innovator of the first Neon or colored grip in 1990, and over 10 years later, it's ironic that we were the first to introduce colorless or clear inserts (2002). Our colorless, clear insert, ICE™ is as cool as it is clever.
Available in Quad, MS. Quad, and Quad Classic styles.