Collegiate Expo VIII heads to Lone Star State  


Held just days prior to Junior Gold each year, the Collegiate Expo is a great opportunity for high school bowlers, families and college coaches to learn from some of the best athletes, coaches and industry experts.Since 2011, the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo has helped more than 1,200 students make meaningful connections with college bowling programs and today is regarded as the most comprehensive educational and recruiting event for high school bowlers in the sport.

This 3 day event provides insightful information regarding equipment, improvements in physical game, spare accuracy and even preparing the mental game for competition. Seminars are also offered for parents and coaches. However, the highlight always remains the college recruiting experience. The Collegiate Expo attracts collegiate bowling coaches from all across the country giving families a real opportunity to meet coaches and discuss scholarship opportunities and more.

It’s a ton of fun and an experience you won’t soon forget.
Register Today! Limited to ONLY 210 students.
Registration Deadline April 30, 2018. Save $30 through January 31, 2018.


Arsenal & Grip Evaluation

Golfers don’t go to the course with a bag full of 7 irons or pitching wedges for the same reasons bowlers shouldn’t go to a tournament with equipment designed for the same oil conditions. The best bowlers, like golfers, know that they need different equipment for different conditions. Before heading to Junior Gold or that next big tournament, let our team of experts evaluate your current arsenal and offer advice to ensure you have a comprehensive arsenal to conquer any lane condition. Each student will also have their grips inspected.  Inserts wear over time and can have adverse effects on release and performance.  The Arsenal & Grip Evaluation is an OPTIONAL segment of the Collegiate Expo experience and requires an additional fee of $20 and advanced registration.  Participating students will receive a completed ball arsenal card with review of UP TO 5 bowling balls along with a voucher for a FREE set of Turbo finger inserts redeemable on-site at pro shop.