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More Scholarships Awarded at Collegiate Expo VII

Turbo adds special on-site raffle thanks to event sponsor Logo Infusion that will be used to fund additional scholarships as part of this year’s Collegiate Expo, which will be hosted at Game of Wickliffe in Wickliffe, Ohio July 11-13, 2017.

Along with being the official jersey of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo, Logo Infusion will provide a professionally framed, shadow-box signed replica jersey of USBC Hall of Famer and Team Turbo staff member Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. All proceeds from the $5 raffle tickets will be designated for the 6-Game Audition Tournament held at the end of the Collegiate Expo.

“Logo Infusion has been a tremendous supporter of our event the past few years,” said Turbo President Lori Mraz. “They were very gracious last year coming up with the idea for the raffle, raising over $500 which we awarded back in scholarships.”

“We are honored to be part of such a well-run event focused on some of the most talented junior bowlers in the country,” said Ken Keegan, President of Logo Infusion. “We hope to continue our relationship with Turbo long into the future.”

“The raffle proceeds allow us to reward more players in the event,” said Mraz. “While the scholarships offered from the 6 game tournament aren’t a primary focus in our event, it is added incentive for students competing in our showcase, audition event.”

Keegan believes the raffle will definitely be bigger this year.

“This will be a collector’s item for one of the greatest female bowlers of all time,” he said.  “With Carolyn representing both Turbo and Logo Infusion around the country at numerous bowling events each year, it is fitting that we present one of her jerseys at the Collegiate Expo.”

Logo Infusion provides jerseys for both students and coaches at the Collegiate Expo. The jerseys are provided to each student based on grade level. Sophomores wear green jerseys, juniors wear blue, and seniors red, making their year of college eligibility readily known to college coaches in attendance.

“Our students love the jerseys they receive as part of their registration,” said Mraz of the estimated 200 student-athletes. “They all wear them during the Audition Tournament and the sea of color is really quite an impressive showing.”

The Audition Tournament is the culmination of two full days of on-lane and classroom instruction with some of the best coaches and professional athletes in the sport. Turbo’s team of certified coaches and professionals include PBA and PWBA Champions, Hall of Famers and USBC Certified Coaches.

Registration officially closes May 31, and spots are filling quickly for the maximum capacity of 210 players. Students should be enrolled in High School grades 10-12 for 2017-2018 school year, or be a 2017 graduate. A minimum entering average for boys of 190 and girls of 175 is suggested for greatest recruiting consideration.

Sponsors for Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo include: Bowlers Journal International,, Brunswick, Columbia 300, Dexter, DV8, Ebonite, Global 900, Hammer, International Art of Bowling, Kegel, KR Strikeforce, Logo Infusion, Motiv,, PBA, Roto Grip, Storm, Track, Turbo, and the Metro Detroit USBC.

Johnson & Ciminelli to Join Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Coaching Team

U.S. Open champions Liz Johnson and Ryan Ciminelli have been added to the coaching staff for the 2017 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo in Cleveland on July 11-13.

Johnson, a five-time U.S. Women’s Open champion, and Ciminelli, the 2015 U.S. Open winner, are part of an extensive list of coaches and presenters at the event, which will be hosted at Game of Wickliffe, in Wickliffe, Ohio.

“I’m really looking forward to being part of the Collegiate Expo this year,” said Johnson, a USBC Hall of Famer. “The experience I had bowling in college helped develop me into the bowler I am today. I hope to share that experience and knowledge with our students.”

Both Johnson and Ciminelli are from the Buffalo, N.Y. area, and bowled collegiately before seeing professional success. Johnson was both Rookie of the Year and Collegiate Bowler of the Year at Morehead State University, while Ciminelli was a two-time National Junior College Athletic Association All-American at Erie Community College.

“Liz and Ryan bring a tremendous amount of talent and energy to the Collegiate Expo,” said Lori Mraz, President of Turbo Bowling Accessories. “Their perspectives and insight into the sport are a welcome addition to the event.”

Johnson and Ciminelli will be part of an elite group of players, coaches and industry experts gathered for the 2017 Collegiate Expo. Students will receive two full days of on-lane and classroom instruction, and will test their skills in the 6-game Audition Tournament.

The Collegiate Expo isn’t just for student-athletes. The program also includes informative seminars for High School and Collegiate Coaches lead by many of the industry’s leading experts. Coaches will also be able to interact with parents and students directly as they gather important information essential to the recruiting process.

“There’s simply no other event quite like the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo,” said Mraz. “Having witnessed it first hand for the past six years, the team of professionals and experts we have assembled have such a powerful impact on young bowlers and their families. It’s inspiring on all levels.”

The Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo will be held prior to the USBC Junior Gold Championships. Take advantage of Early Bird Registration before March 31st to SAVE $30.  Students should be enrolled in High School grades 10-12 for 2017-2018 school year, or be a 2017 graduate. A minimum entering average for boys of 190 and girls of 175 is suggested for greatest recruiting consideration.

Sponsors for Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo include: Bowlers Journal International,, Brunswick, Columbia 300, Dexter, DV8, Ebonite, Global 900, Hammer, International Art of Bowling, Kegel, KR Strikeforce, Logo Infusion, Motiv,, PBA, Roto Grip, Storm, Track, Turbo, and the Metro Detroit USBC.

Bowlers Get Chance to Win Entry into Collegiate Expo VII

Registration is now OPEN for the second annual Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Challenge.  The Collegiate Expo Challenge is an affordable opportunity for high school bowlers to compete and earn valuable SMART scholarships (Michigan residents-points) toward college.  In addition to scholarships, ALL participating students will have the opportunity to WIN a FREE ENTRY into the 2017 Collegiate Expo where they will work with some of the best professionals and coaches in the sport.  One Entry in each the Male and Female Divisions will be awarded, a $389 value.   The Collegiate Expo Challenge is made possible through the added support and contributions of the Frank Gavie Youth Committee which provides additional funding and support to youth programs throughout the state of Michigan.   Entries are limited to 102 bowlers. On-line registration can be found under the Collegiate Expo tab on our web site.

Turbo is committed to giving back to the sport of bowling through educational programs like the Collegiate Expo and Collegiate Expo Challenge. Our Challenge event welcomed 14 Alumni students that have participated in Collegiate Expo since 2011. Help us continue to pay it forward by visiting your local retailer and asking for Turbo brand accessories.

Turbo Announces Multi-Year Sponsorship Agreement with Kegel

Turbo has announced a multiyear contract extension of its sponsorship agreement with Kegel. The agreement will position Kegel as the title sponsor of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Collegiate Coaches Dinner Reception through 2020.

“Turbo and Kegel have been great friends and allies for many years,” said Turbo President Lori Mraz. “We are delighted to solidify a long-term partnership agreement with Kegel.”

The Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo debuted in 2011, and has become one of the premier events for prospective collegiate bowlers and coaches. Growing in both size and scope in each successive year, the event will attract more than 200 bowlers, high school and collegiate coaches. This year’s Collegiate Expo is scheduled for July 11-13 at Game of Wickliffe in suburban Cleveland.

“The synergy between Kegel and Turbo is a perfect fit,” said Chris Chartrand, President and CEO of Kegel. “We’ve been strategically aligned with Turbo since our existence. Kegel is extremely focused on competitive bowling and our interests are very much aligned with Turbo’s.”

As with previous agreements between Turbo and Kegel, the partnership will incorporate a number of other elements. Turbo will provide product support to Webber International University, both men’s and women’s programs, and to special events hosted by Kegel Connection Pro Shops.

The sponsorship agreement will also see the Turbo Tech Training Facility in Chesterfield, MI become one of the first to install Kegel’s new Specto Bowling System. Specto was unveiled at International Bowl Expo in 2016, and will be utilized at Turbo Tech as a coaching tool to measure all phases on ball motion on the lane.

“Specto uses Lidar technology, which is the same technology used in self-driving vehicles,” said Chartrand. “Specto’s sensors are measuring a bowler’s delivery every six inches. So not only can we measure where the ball is from the foul line to the pin deck, but also how the ball is moving through the pins.”

Bowlers will be able to see their performance evaluation from up to 35 different types of information with precision accuracy from one single shot. Users can see their performance evaluation and focus on their weak points with online tips from our coaches.

“You can compare your speed, rev rate and accuracy against the top bowlers in the world,” said Chartrand. “With Turbo Tech installing the system, we’ll be able to bring more bowlers closer to our game through instruction and innovation.”

Mraz says that with this sponsorship, Turbo and Kegel will continue together to promote bowling as a competitive and lifetime sport.

“The positive collaboration between both organizations allowed us to be comfortable expanding our sponsorship,” said Mraz. “We share similar sentiments in regards to education, improvement, and a simple passion for the sport. Kegel’s presence is a true asset to the Collegiate Expo.”

5th Annual Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Rocks Chicago

By any measure, Collegiate ExpoV was a smashing success!

The Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo keeps growing . . . and growing . . . and getting stronger. Each year, more student bowlers discover the merit and value that the event offers, and parents are getting tuned in to the opportunity to help their student bowlers choose the right college; especially if they have the chance to earn scholarships and be a part of a college bowling program.

Not to mention that more colleges are getting involved and becoming a part of America’s best college recruiting event. College participation at Town and Country Lanes in Joliet, Illinois July 8-10 was up from 27 last year to 36 this year; and once again, the event was sold out in advance to 168 students athletes from 27 states and two foreign countries.

Tom Falbo is the head coach at Pennsylvania’s St. Francis University. He had this to say in a note to Turbo Bowling Accessories President Lori Mraz following the event:

If there was a more appropriate way to express my appreciation for the Turbo Collegiate Expo other than saying a heartfelt thank you, I would share it with you at this time.

You’ve created such a special atmosphere and experience for these young players and their families. With life being a collection of memories, yours is such a positive experience for these kids that they can treasure for many years to come.

Your event has been such a strong resource for me and the list of high character players and families I’ve been able to recruit has been stellar.

 It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and your staff. They really impress me how connected they are to your goals and passionate they are about what they do.”

 It is praise like that that makes Mraz and her incredible staff so proud to produce this iconic event, and it makes them more determined to keep it going and improve it every year.

Although a couple of regular coaches were unavailable because of the World Bowling Tour Tokyo event, the list was as impressive as ever. It included, Event Coordinator Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Jeff Carter, Diandra Asbaty, Jason Couch, Lindsay Boomershine, Bob Learn Jr., Shannon Pluhowsky, Amleto Monacelli, Bill Spigner, Mike Shady, Jordan Vanover, Tim Mack, and world renowned mental coach Dr. Dean Hinitz.

Student bowlers and their parents were treated to three days of classroom and on-the-lanes instruction, and there was ample time for social interaction, casual and serious discussions with the college coaches and recruiters; not to mention technical info from the industry’s leading ball companies, and special bonuses from other sponsors; like a free jersey for every bowler from Logo Infusion, and incentives to students who downloaded the bowlers app from Rolltech during the event ending Audition Tournament.

Congrats to winners Rudolfo Monacelli and Julia Huren for winning the event. Each earned a $250 scholarship award.

It almost goes without saying that the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo continues to be one of Bowling’s crown jewels because it gets the support and backing from great sponsors. This year, they included 900 Global, BBB Inc./Kids Bowl Free,, Brunswick, Columbia 300, DV8, Dexter, Ebonite, Hammer, IAB, Joliet Chamber of Commerce, Kegel, KR Strikeforce, Logo Infusion, Motiv,, Roto Grip, Storm, Team USA, Track, Turbo, and the Metro Detroit and Chicagoland USBC.

For additional information and results, please visit the About Collegiate Expo section. For additional info on products and services offered by event sponsor Logo Infusion, visit A complete listing of colleges participating in the 2015 Collegiate Expo can also be found on the Turbo website.

Belmonte Receives ESPY Award

Congratulations to Team Turbo staff member and the two-time defending PBA Player of the Year, Jason Belmonte, on earning the Best Bowler ESPY Award for the second time during the 2015 ESPY Awards ceremony on Wednesday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Belmonte, who won his first ESPY Award in 2011, was among winners in a variety of sports and special moment categories that were determined by fan voting on with the winners announced during the ESPY Awards cer…emony telecast on ABC.

In 2015, Belmonte won the United States Bowling Congress Masters for an unprecedented third consecutive year and successfully defended his Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions title for his fifth career major and boosting his career win total to 12.

Way to go mate!

Birds of a Feather Stick Together

On behalf of our entire company and legions of bowling fans worldwide, we would like to congratulate Adam Barta, Scott Pohl, Brian Walizcek, Mike Rose and Rob Gotchall on a tremendous accomplishment in winning the 2015 USBC Open Championships – Regular Team Division. Lane conditions at the Championships were especially challenging this year which is a testament to their talent and collective team effort.

Also a shout out to Matt McNiel on an amazing run of USBC accomplis

And Ronnie Sparks Jr., long time Team Turbo staff member, on earning a Regular Singles Title outdistancing himself from 35,000 bowlers with 278, 246 and 269 for a 793 series. Awesome!

We are very honored to have these gentlemen represent the Turbo brand as they exemplify our core values of excellence and continue to shine a bright light on bowling. We thank you all for your commitment and years of trust and loyalty to Turbo.

Again, our sincerest thanks and praise to all the Turbo staff representatives that participated and represented Turbo at the USBC Championships this year – Turbo President, Lori Mraz

Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Sponsors Make It All Possible


New sponsors Logo Infusion, Rolltech, and Junior Team USA now a part of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Team

The 5th Annual Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo will roll July 8-10, 2015 at Town & Country Lanes in Joliet, Illinois; and this amazing event keeps getting better and better every year because more and more great sponsors are becoming involved in the best college recruiting event in the industry.

Sponsors returning for 2015 include 900 Global, Bowlers Journal International Magazine, Brunswick, Columbia 300, Dexter, DV8, Ebonite, Hammer, Kegel, Motiv,, PBA, Roto Grip, Storm, Track, Turbo, and the Metro Detroit USBC.

Joining this group of elite sponsors this year will be International Art of Bowling, Logo Infusion, sponsor of the event ending Audition Tournament and the featured jersey worn by all students during competition, Roll Tech, sponsor of the College Coaches Dinner, Junior Team USA and Chicagoland USBC. Hammer and Columbia have also stepped up their commitment by sponsoring registration bags and the photo booth.

More than 160 top student bowlers, their parents, and bowling coaches from more than 25 colleges are expected to attend again this summer. In addition, representatives from every major bowling ball company, and Hall of Fame professional bowlers and world class coaches will be there, not to mention Team USA Sports Psychologist Dr. Dean Hinitz to offer his incredible mental training techniques.

“We are thoroughly excited to be part of the 5th Annual Turbo Collegiate Expo. This event has garnered serious attention in the bowling industry throughout the past few years, showcasing the talent of our sport’s future via on-lane and classroom assessment. We are looking forward to watching the next generation learn and grow into the stars of tomorrow” said Ken Keegan, Executive Director of Logo Infusion.

“Participating in the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo is an incredible way for us to connect with the next generation of competitive bowlers and their coaches. As a leading tech company in bowling, we’re constantly looking for ways to expand our relationships with other innovators in the industry. We love the Collegiate Expo’s emphasis on education and are excited to contribute to the development of this program” said Rich Belsky, Founder & CEO of Rolltech.

Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross is also looking forward to the event and especially to meeting the students and their parents. “We want to let them know that Junior Gold, Junior Team USA and Team USA are more steps they can take after improving their skills in events like the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo, and we want parents to learn that these programs are also a stepladder that could provide a platform for students to bowl in international events across the globe. We salute Turbo and everyone involved in this event,” said Ross.

Any way you look at it, the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo has become a very important event on the calendars of top student bowlers headed to Junior Gold and beyond; and as more sponsors are added each year, it continues to grow and prosper.

For more information or to get a registration brochure, visit the website; or call 1 800 530-9878

Since its beginnings in 1989, Turbo Bowling Accessories has grown to become one of the best and most innovative companies in the industry. Turbo is respected worldwide as a company that is totally committed to giving back to the global community, and improving the sport on all levels with top quality grip and accessory products; and exceptional service to distributors, pro shops, and bowlers everywhere.

5th Annual Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo Visits Chicagoland


Leading the Turbo Coaching staff into this year’s event is legendary bowler/coach Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. A member of Turbo Pro Staff for many years, Dorin-Ballard has joined Turbo full-time and will be working closely with Lori Mraz, President of Turbo, to ensure another successful event.

“We are very excited about Collegiate Expo V,” said Dorin-Ballard. “We have a few new sponsors and seminars. All of our top coaches will be back as well as the amazing Dr. Dean. We are looking forward to working with the great people at Joliet’s Town & Country Lanes.”

Logo Infusion, Rolltech, International Art of Bowling and Junior Team USA join the long list of event sponsors this year. Logo Infusion will be the presenting sponsor for the event ending Audition Tournament and has designed a custom jersey every registered student will receive for participating. Rolltech will sponsor the College Coaches Dinner and Junior Team USA will headline a new seminar for students and coaches.

Sports Psychologist Dr. Dean Hinitz is back among the elite team of coaches and Turbo Pro Staff members that will contribute to the event. Other Turbo staff members include Carolyn and Del Ballard, Turbo Tech Head Coach Jordan Vanover, USBC Gold coach Bill Spigner, and several professional champions, many who came from top college programs; coaches Diandra Asbaty, Jeff Carter, Jason Couch, Mike Fagan, Clara Guererro, Bob Learn Jr., Amleto Monacelli, Bill O’Neill and Mike Shady will all return.

Town & Country Lanes owner George Kontos and manager Jeff Bailey are already making plans with the city of Joliet to welcome student athletes, their families and college coaches to one of bowling’s best markets for this year’s event. “Joliet Town and Country Lanes is both honored and excited to be hosting the 2015 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo” said Town & Country Lanes proprietor George Kontos. “We welcome all bowlers and families, pro staff members, sponsors, college coaches, and Turbo representatives. We will do all we can to make sure you enjoy your experience.”

All bowlers know that technology is a big part of today’s sport, and there is no better place for student bowlers and coaches to learn about the latest equipment than the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo. Industry experts from all of the top ball brands will conduct seminars and offer advice to make sure students get the most from their equipment going into Junior Gold, college, and beyond. During the on-lanes sessions, students will also have the opportunity to try equipment on Junior Gold oil patterns, and get advice from coaches on how to match up to the conditions.

Collegiate Expo IV, held in Buffalo, NY last summer, drew over 150 students and 27 college coaches from across the nation. Students are encouraged to get registered early for this year’s event, which is limited to 168. A registration form can be found in the event brochure (see link). NEW On-Line Registration begins in February with an Early Bird Discount deadline of April 30. Registration closes May 31.

2015 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo sponsors: Bowlers Journal International , Brunswick, Columbia 300, Dexter, DV8, Ebonite, Global 900, Hammer, International Art of Bowling, Kegel, Logo Infusion, Motiv,, PBA, Rolltech, Roto Grip, Storm, Track, Turbo, Junior Team USA, and the Metro Detroit USBC.

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard Joins Turbo Team Full Time


Carolyn Dorin-Ballard has been a member of the Turbo Bowling Accessories Pro Staff for many years, but soon she will become a full-time salaried employee of the world’s most innovative bowling accessory product company. Dorin-Ballard resigned her Director of Coaching position with the United States Bowling Congress in early October.

Dorin-Ballard is considered one of the best women bowlers of all time, owning 20 professional titles and numerous other honors over her prolific career on the lanes and in the business, which began after her graduation from West Texas A & M University with a degree in Communications in 1989.

In recent years, her passion has been coaching, and one of her duties for Turbo will be to oversee the very successful Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo as it enters its 5th year in 2015. She will also coordinate the Turbo Professional, Amateur, and International Staff players in various activities, seminars, and exhibitions for the company.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Carolyn as a full-time Turbo team member,” said Turbo President Lori Mraz. “She has been a exceptional representative of our brand for many years and is well qualified to represent our products, lead our player staff and take our Collegiate Expo to the next level. We have enjoyed our relationship for many years, and will continue to develop the brand with her leadership.”

“I am really excited about this new opportunity,” said Dorin-Ballard. I have had a great relationship with Lori and her family for many years. I have been blessed to have so many good things happen for me in bowling, and this is another chapter.”

Dorin-Ballard will initially focus on getting the members of the Professional, Amateur and International Staff more involved in brand awareness and promotion of products to pro shops. “There is no substitute for that personal connection, and I will try to help all of our staff players find new ways to make those grassroot connections,” she said. “I am also looking forward to getting them more involved in our Collegiate Expo and other events for youth bowlers.”

Carolyn will assume her new position effective December 2014 and will represent Turbo from her office in Keller, Texas, which she shares with her husband Del. Together, the two Hall of Famers operate several Ballard’s Bowling Solutions Pro Shops and travel the world representing various brands and bowling interests. In addition to her other duties, Dorin-Ballard will also serve as Turbo’s Sales Representative for Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New York and New Jersey.

Dorin-Ballard will also continue to compete in professional events, including the new Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour, which begins July through September 2015. While on the new tour, Dorin-Ballard will coordinate staff players and distribute products in host centers and pro shops along the road.

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