Collegiate Expo VIII Heads To The Lone Star State This Summer.


Collegiate Expo VIII Heads to the Lone Star State this summer.  Our first event outside of the Midwest, Collegiate Expo VIII is certain to be a summer highlight for any high school bowler.  Like most years, there’s always something new to look forward to and 2018 will be no exception.  We’re welcoming several new coaches and speakers with many new seminars for parents and coaches as well.  Check out the complete Event Schedule under our Collegiate Expo section.  And don’t forget register early!  Event limited to ONLY 210 students.

Since 2011, the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo has helped more than 1,200 students make meaningful connections with college bowling programs and today is regarded as the most comprehensive educational and recruiting event for high school bowlers in the sport.

This 3 day event provides insightful information regarding equipment, improvements in physical game, spare accuracy and even preparing the mental game for competition. Seminars are also offered for parents and coaches. However, the highlight always remains the college recruiting experience. The Collegiate Expo attracts collegiate bowling coaches from all across the country giving families a real opportunity to meet coaches and discuss scholarship opportunities and more.

The collegiate expo is one of the best events of the year for us coaches to really evaluate recruits. Turbo makes the event one of the easiest to see bowlers of all ages and has a simple way to identify them as we watch them throughout the event. Not only does the event allow coaches to see hundreds of the best high school athletes but gives college programs the opportunity to give information about their school and see which school could be the best match for the student athlete.

Katie Thornton, SCAD Savannah

The Turbo Clinic is a great experience for youth bowlers and coaches.  As a coach I continue to gain new ideas that improve our program continuously. The contact college coaches can have with the youth clinic members is outstanding. Great job Turbo.

Steve Gonshorowski, Morningside College

The Turbo Collegiate Expo is the premier recruiting event of the year. As a coach I have come back each year with new ideas, new ways to teach the sport, and new innovative ways to coach. Recruiting I know that I will be able to see every aspect that we look for in our athletes; how they perform academically, how they perform on the lanes, how they act on the lanes, and the intangibles they possess. As an athlete, they are exposed to some of the greatest coaches in the game. I can’t wait to return for the 2018 Collegiate Expo!

Andrew Gonner, Head Bowling Coach Clarke University

I use Turbo Rev for protection of my index finger.  I grip really hard with my index finger and it provides me with cushion and prevents my finger from splitting.  I started using Turbo Rev about two years ago after constantly developing a callous that would eventually split and cause a ton of pain.  Ever since I started using Turbo Rev, no callous, no pain.  I can’t bowl without it!

Bryanna Cote

That new insert tape (Grip Strips)  is awesome. Great feel, the adhesive on the back came out clean, love the texture of the tape. I don’t know if there is any difference from the colors, or they are simply just colors. I don’t have that much of a sensitive feel, but using that tape made a huge difference in my bowling this weekend.

Aarik Torres, Kingpin Pro Shops

Happy Birthday Switchgrip!! Switchgrip gives me the most comfortable and consistent feel to be versatile and attack the lanes on any condition! I credit Turbo and Switchgrip with a lot of my success! Thank you Turbo family!! Here’s to another 10 years and more!!!

Mike Calhoun, Turbo Regional Staff, Member, Michigan

I started using Switch Grips so I could have the same feel in every ball I use. Even if every ball you have has the exact same size thumb hole, which is almost impossible, they still don’t “feel” the same. From day 1, I was hooked! It is great knowing I can switch balls in a tournament, and not even think/worry about IF the ball I want to use is going to feel right. I am very confident recommending people to use Switch Grips, because I know they will love it too. With the simplicity of use, and installation, I can’t imagine any reason why people don’t use them!

Paul Gibson, Turbo Regional Staff Member, Ohio

“As millions know on the internet and around the world what happens when a bowling ball doesn’t come off your thumb during live TV, the thumb for one handed bowlers is essential for a perfect release. After that prolific day in Las Vegas, where the pitch in my thumb hole was wrong, I started using the Switch Grip the week after and haven’t looked back. When drilling hundreds of balls a year on the PBA Tour and while at home, it was hard to get the perfect thumb on every ball. Now I have the perfect thumb in every ball and can eliminate another variable in my game.
As a Pro Shop owner, I try and get all of my customers who have an odd shaped thumb to try the Switch Grip product. This elevates any issue with the customer having a less than perfect thumb in every ball. This product is perfect for customers who buy more than 4 balls a year because they have full faith in knowing the next ball will feel the exact same as their pervious ones. With a game that has an infinite about of variables to deal with, this product helps eliminate one of those variables so you can score higher and have more fun!”

Josh Blanchard, Turbo International Staff Member, Arizona

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