“As millions know on the internet and around the world what happens when a bowling ball doesn’t come off your thumb during live TV, the thumb for one handed bowlers is essential for a perfect release. After that prolific day in Las Vegas, where the pitch in my thumb hole was wrong, I started using the Switch Grip the week after and haven’t looked back. When drilling hundreds of balls a year on the PBA Tour and while at home, it was hard to get the perfect thumb on every ball. Now I have the perfect thumb in every ball and can eliminate another variable in my game.
As a Pro Shop owner, I try and get all of my customers who have an odd shaped thumb to try the Switch Grip product. This elevates any issue with the customer having a less than perfect thumb in every ball. This product is perfect for customers who buy more than 4 balls a year because they have full faith in knowing the next ball will feel the exact same as their pervious ones. With a game that has an infinite about of variables to deal with, this product helps eliminate one of those variables so you can score higher and have more fun!”

Josh Blanchard
Turbo International Staff Member, Arizona

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